Rental of a shielded hall or a module in a shielded hall at the PARKOVYI Data Center: this is

All necessary compliance certificates – the shielded halls of the Data Center have all the necessary certificates for accommodating clients from the government sector or the financial sector

Shielded machine halls – clients whose activities require a higher level of data protection are offered shielded halls with an individual configuration

Flexible infrastructure capabilities – we implement any security or infrastructure requests required by legislation or the client’s business

Fault tolerance and continuous operation, confirmed by TIER III Design Certificate from the Uptime Institute

Ready infrastructure – migration to a pre-prepared infrastructure with support from Data Center specialists

Stable operation without a single second of downtime, unaffected even by a full-scale intrusion

Features of the shielded hall:
  • Physical access only for a select circle of employees
  • Separate shielded hall for special needs
  • Any access control system on client's request
  • Possibility to integrate additional security or control measures
  • Complete isolation from electromagnetic interference
  • Directional local fire extinguishing system
  • Alarm and video surveillance with access for the client
  • Control over the work and performance of tasks by Data Center specialists
Infrastructure of the
PARKOVYI Data Center

Territory, autonomy and security

  • The total area of the Data Center is 2715 square meters. Of these, 930 square meters are occupied by 17 machine halls capable of accommodating 400 modules with client equipment.
  • The server rooms are equipped according to the building-within-a-building principle, which guarantees additional protection against any external factors.
  • There is a special access regime to the Data Center machine halls.
  • The Data Center operates consistently without any downtime, unaffected even by a full-scale intrusion.


  • External power sources with a capacity of up to 4 MW.
  • Three uninterruptible power supplies of 1.6 MW each, one of which is in reserve.
  • An autonomous diesel-generator power plant capable of providing stable and round-the-clock operation of the data center for 10 days without additional fuel deliveries.
  • Electricity consumption can be metered by room, cabinet, or half-cabinet.

Cooling System

  • All key components of the cooling system -chillers and air conditioners are reserved according to the N+1 scheme.
  • 6 APC Uniflair BREF 2802A chillers, each with a cooling capacity of 650 kW.
  • The dual circuit cooling system.
  • The freecooling function allows for the utilization of outside air during the cold season and ensures high energy efficiency for the entire Data Center.

Fire Extinguishing System

  • The Data Center is equipped with a fire alarm system and an automatic gas fire extinguishing system.
  • The special VESDA System based on aspiration sensors constantly analyses the air composition in the halls with server equipment deployed.
  • Each machine hall in the Data Center is equipped with an autonomous gas Fire Extinguishing System based on the innovative Novec 1230 gas, which does not harm health and IT equipment.

Parkovyi is capable of providing the highest level of protection for server equipment for government institutions, banks, and the financial sector, in accordance with the requirements of NBU No. 243 and certifications ISO 27001 (2022 edition), ISO 27701, and ISO 9001. Shielded rooms and cabinets can be equipped with additional security systems as required by legislation or the client’s business needs. The reliability and continuity of power supply are ensured by external power sources of up to 4 MW, three uninterruptible power supplies of 1.6 MW each, and a diesel-generator power plant capable of providing continuous autonomous operation of the entire data center for up to 10 days without the need for additional fuel delivery.

Certificates and statuses
Colocation in shielded halls
The shielded halls of the Data Center for server equipment storage meet the approved security requirements and have all the necessary certificates of compliance. The shielded panels of the module have additional protection against electromagnetic interference or third-party electronic scanning devices.
We offer shielded halls or modules in one of the most technologically advanced commercial data centers in Ukraine and guarantee uninterrupted availability of operations and services 24/7/365 under any conditions.

The confirmed Tier III Design Certification by the Uptime Institute

The fault tolerance and stability of the entire Data Center equipment 24/7/365 under any conditions

Compliance with enhanced information confidentiality requirements

Shielded halls and modules are built, equipped and certified in compliance with the requirements of the National Bank of Ukraine Resolution No. 243

Comprehensive information security system

The Certificate of Conformity for the Integrated Information Security System and Certificates ISO 27001 (2022 edition), ISO 27701 and ISO 9001 guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and security of information

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