BaaS in the PARKOVYI Data Center: this is

Expert assistance. No need to hire IT specialists to maintain the system. We monitor and ensure the stable operation of the virtual infrastructure. You can always count on us to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Select a safe location. Choose a data storage in Kyiv, L`viv and get maximum flexibility and speed of data processing. You can also choose a data storage in EU-certified data centres to strengthen the security of your IT infrastructure.

Licensed solutions. The Data Center is a Veeam partner and complies with all the criteria for the professional provision of information security services, always working with the latest version of licensed software.

Protect any data. Use backups and create backups of corporate email servers, document libraries etс.

Choose a BaaS scenario that meets your business needs. Manage your backups in the Data Center Cloud with the support of our experts, on your own in your own Cloud on a closed Infrastructure, or backup from your own hardware to the Data Center Cloud.

Reliable Infrastructure. Copies of data are stored under reliable protection in a remote storage, which excludes any external interference – theft of equipment, natural disasters, fires, virus attacks.

Calculation of backup costs
Backup using Veeam. Number of virtual machines:
Space for backups:
100 GB
3000 GB
Your choice
Virtual machines
2 000 UAH
Copy space
2000 GB
456 UAH
Total: 912 UAH

BaaS based on Veeam provides the ability to store backup copies of data in a reliable Data Center environment. This eliminates the possibility of data damage or loss. Be sure of the security of your information. Even with partial or complete data loss on the main site, you will provide a full data recovery from the Cloud environment of the Data Center.

Service management options:
Management of the specialists of the Data Center
  • Professional technical support. Define the resources that need to be backed up and the service parameters. We’ll do the rest.
  • Control. Control the correctness of data in backups if necessary.
  • Free testing. Get a free test drive of the Service for a month.
Manage backups on your own
  • Freedom of action. Configure the parameters, encryption, volume and period of backup deletion.
  • Closed infrastructure. The backup server remains at the client’s disposal, so you get a completely closed infrastructure.
  • Emergency support. The specialists of the Data Center will provide software deployment and setting the initial parameters.
Management via FTP protocol
  • A simple solution. An offer for clients who need to store the information in the form of ready-made files.
  • Comfortable management. To access the backups, you can use a web interface or access to a standard network folder. This does not require any software download and allows you to order the optimal amount of disc space for the files to be backed up.
How the Service works
The Backup Service at the PARKOVYI Data Center has the necessary functionality (the most common protocols, service parameters etc.). The comprehensive protection of information resources is confirmed by the international Certificate ISO/IEC 27001, the SSSCIP Certificate, a Memorandum of cooperation with the Office of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine and the State Cyber Protection Centre of the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine. We are committed to maximizing our client fulfilment, so we are ready to implement solutions according to any needs.

Select the method of data transfer

We adapt to your conditions and receive information from your physical or virtual infrastructure (regardless of location), or from physical media (HDD, SSD, USB).

We create backups

Data Center specialists develop the most optimal data backup plan, considering the needs of the storage period, backup frequency and minimum backup interval.

We provide recovery and support

If your data is compromised, you can always revert to the most up-to-date version of your information. Our experts provide round-the-clock Infrastructure monitoring after the solution is implemented.