SaaS in the PARKOVYI Data Center: this is

Monthly payment.
Use the benefits of a full-featured licence without investing for 1-3 years in advance. Payment – on a monthly basis.

No long-term investments.
Pay for the amount of licences you need right now. Cancel unnecessary licences or add new ones at any time.

Always the latest version.
Get constant support and licence updates to ensure so you don’t miss out on security updates and new software features.

Trial period.
Are you still not sure if this solution is suitable for your business? We are ready to provide a trial period of access to the software for 30 or 60 days.

Expert assistanceю
We will assist you in understanding the licensing issues, calculate the amount of licences, determine the cost, choose the best licence form and deploy the software.

Turnkey solutions.
We will provide deployment, configuration, and maintenance on physical servers or host the software on your Cloud Infrastructure.

Software as a Service (SaaS) – a model in which the Data Center provides the ability to use the provider’s software running in the Cloud Infrastructure and access it from various devices (for example, email or an application interface). The Data Center controls and manages the physical and virtual infrastructure of the network, servers, operating systems and storage.

Certificates and statuses

Rental of the software under the Service Provider Licence Agreement (SPLA) and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programmes provides a unique capability to use the latest version of Microsoft products.

The capabilities of the SPLA and CSP programmes are quite broad. This includes the creation of Public, Hybrid and Private Clouds, as well as the provision of equipment for rental. The above list is far from complete, if you are interested in any product that is not listed, please contact us.

The payment of licences only on the fact of their use, so your licence costs can be up to 25% less compared to other licences.

Types of licencing
The SPLA and CSP programmes provide temporary use licences (subscription licences) that can be used for the duration of the agreement. Microsoft products under SPLA are licensed mainly by the processor, cores or user, so you can choose the most suitable licensing type, which in turn will allow you to reduce costs.

By amount of processors

A processor licence allows an unlimited amount of users to access the software installed on the processor. Suitable for a large amount of users or virtual servers.

By amount of users

SAL Licence for each user or device that can access the licensed products. A server licence (for the processor, for the cores) is not required. Suitable for a small amount of servers and users.

By amount of cores

Each Core License (CL) allows an unlimited amount of users to access the server software installed on a server with a certain amount of physical cores.