PaaS in the PARKOVYI Data Center: this is

The equipment is connected to two independent power sources of 4 MW each and to diesel generator sets for stable operation in a case of unforeseen circumstances.

Rental of the Cloud Infrastructure in the Data Center with access to advanced development or analytical tools at a relatively low cost per use.

When working with the components of the Platform as a Service, the development team will get new opportunities without the need to hire an additional staff.

You have access to all the possibilities for effective management and support of development and programming.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a cloud computing model in which the client gets access to the use of information technology platforms: operating systems, database management systems, software, development and testing tools hosted by a cloud provider. In this model, the entire information technology infrastructure is managed by the provider. The client is given the opportunity to use the platforms, create virtual instances of them, install, develop, test and operate application software on them.

Service components
PaaS offers the same benefits as IaaS. However, additional components (software, development tools and other tools) create additional opportunities for the user.

Development platform

PaaS provides an environment that developers can use to customise cloud applications. Pre-existing cloud functions will reduce the burden of code development.

Business analytics

The platform will allow organizations to receive and analyse data, find trends and make forecasts.

Service capabilities

Data Center specialists monitor the platform’s operation, add updates and backup and restore databases if necessary.