Rental of the Cloud Infrastructure in the PARKOVYI Data Center: this is

Fault tolerance and reliable operation are confirmed by the TIER III Design Certificate from the Uptime Institute. Two independent power sources of 4 MW each, diesel generator sets for constant stable operation, four uninterruptible power supply units of 1.6 MW each for safe transition to alternative power supply.

Geographic backup for critical resources or information parameters. For protection, we offer the possibility of geographical dispersion and duplication of the Cloud Infrastructure in different regions – in Kyiv, L`viv, Poland, Lithuania or Germany.

Safely migration to a ready-made infrastructure – assistance in the migration any amount of data with the support of Data Center specialists to a pre-prepared infrastructure with minimal system downtime.

Flexible configuration of the rental infrastructure – users of the Cloud Infrastructure can change the Cloud parameters up or down at any time.

The highest level of A-class Infrastructure available to small and medium businesses. Rental of the Cloud Infrastructure in the Data Center provides access to the highest technologies at a relatively low cost per use.

Data security includes physical isolation and full backup of operations of virtual data centers, data backup and the management of an information security and infrastructure architecture according to the highest standards, confirmed by ISO, CIS, SAP Certificates.

Calculation of the cost of equipment placement
Virtual Core (vCPU):
Virtual memory (vRAM):
Virtual disk is slow (HDD)
0 GB
Fast virtual disk (SSD)
0 GB
Elements of cyber protection
Number of IP addresses
Number of virtual machines
Your choice
Virtual Core (vCPU)
15 vCPU
2 000 UAH
Virtual memory (vRAM)
30 vRAM
456 UAH
Additional services:
Total: 912 UAH

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) based on VMware vSphere 7.0 and Microsoft Hyper-V enables the use of the Cloud Infrastructure to independently manage processing, storage, networking and other fundamental computing resources. Renting IT Infrastructure resources of the Data Center allows to refuse of investing in purchase, storage and maintenance of infrastructure. The resources required for processing operations (servers, storage systems, network components and software) are provided as a Service.

Certificates and statuses
What you receive:
A-class Cloud Infrastructure
  • Work with a complex secure virtual computing infrastructure, just like with a physical system.
  • Your payment is solely for the computing resources used, and any additional capacities are connected or disconnected daily.
  • The integration the virtual computing system into the existing IT infrastructure, it can expand its capabilities or provide additional computing capacity during peak periods.
Virtual resources and disc space
  • Renting resources on a powerful physical server, that is administered by the client. When rent of entire physical server is too much, it’s optimal.
  • Increasing the amount of virtual servers to the required limit on request. If necessary, an entire virtual computing infrastructure is formed.
  • Remote backup data storage for IT infrastructure disaster recovery. We provide a part of the protected Data Center disc space for rent, the high level of reliability of which is confirmed by the TIER III Certificate.
Cloud Infrastructure on a turnkey basis
  • Our technical specialists together with engineers develop a plan to ensure the simplest and safest migration with minimal system downtime.
  • Maintenance of the entire Infrastructure is provided by the technical team of the Data Center, which guarantees the stable operation of all Infrastructure systems.
  • Full management of the virtual Infrastructure through vCloud Director. The Cloud virtualisation architecture is based on the principle of 100% guarantee of the use of allocated resources.
Cloud Infrastructure capabilities
The Service is built in accordance with the highest quality standards and has all the necessary certificates of conformity, including ISO/IEC 27001:2022, ISO/IEC 27701, ISO/IEC 9001, VMware Cloud Verified status and VMware Advanced status. To increase information security, the PARKOVYI Data Center signed a Memorandum of cooperation with the Office of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine and the State Cyber Protection Centre of the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine.

Virtualization from the best

Access to the highest technologies from the leader in Cloud Infrastructure development with adaptation to any needs.

Unlimited amount of servers

You can create virtual servers for your needs without investing in IT equipment and its maintenance.

Backup and support

For critical segments, we offer geographical backup in Ukraine or Europe with 24/7 support from a team of professionals.

Cloud services
Portal for Cloud management
The client's personal cabinet is designed for the full-fledged administration of the Cloud Infrastructure. Among the available services are changes in allocated resources, additional cyber security services, communication with the technical team and convenient billing and settlements.
vCloud Director
The Service provides full access and management of your Cloud Data Center. The Virtual Infrastructure Management Center allows you to create and deploy an Infrastructure in the Cloud, make changes to the configuration of virtual hardware (both up and down), configure Firewall and manage access.
Disaster recovery
The Service of the Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) will ensure the continuity of operation of the critical IT resources (software, services, applications, etc.). By replicating the corresponding virtual machine from the productive (primary) site to the backup site, it is possible to quickly switch to the backup site in the event of a disaster.
Backup copy
BaaS - Backup as a Service - is a complete data recovery in case of data damage or loss (intentional or accidental data damage, including malware, software failure or user errors). Backup to a remote disc space will quickly restore access to the necessary data.
Cost-free migration with Azure

The PARKOVYI Data Center, together with Microsoft-certified partner Span Ukraine, has a ready-made solution for organisations that plan to return to the Ukrainian Cloud and do not want to give up the unique Microsoft cloud services. We guarantee a fast and secure migration of the Cloud Infrastructure while maintaining the necessary Microsoft services. We migrate your Cloud Infrastructure free of cost. The Data Center and Span teams support the operation of the Cloud. As a bonus, after the migration, we add 1 month a free backup of client data using Veeam*.

Client benefits:

Free migration to the Cloud and support for its uninterrupted operation;

Integration between two or more Clouds;

Backup and disaster recovery of data from sites in Kyiv, L’viv or the EU;

24/7 technical support and free data backup for the first month*.

Leave a request on the website or send a request directly to

Learn more about free data backup here.

Cyber Security Components

The Data Center offers services that ensure the stability and resilience of the IT Infrastructure and protect data from loss or cyber-attacks. We integrate and customise solutions in accordance with individual requests:

Network protection. Active protection of corporate networks and websites from hackers and cyber-attacks, provided by the Cisco Umbrella Cloud System. Protection against network attacks for small offices or branch offices is provided by the Cisco Firepower firewall, and protection against DDoS attacks is provided by the high-bandwidth of Data Center network channels and the Cloud Flare Service.

Firewall. Cisco ASAv is a simple-to-deploy and easy-to-manage solution that provides network security when colocation of an equipment in the Data Center or in your Public or Private Cloud.

Antivirus. We use comprehensive information security software designed to protect employees’ personal computers and corporate network servers from malware and network threats.

You can calculate your solution and find out the preliminary calculation of cybersecurity elements using the calculator.

When you connect any of these services, we will provide 1 month of backup with Veeam free of cost. For more details, please follow the link.