DBaaS in the PARKOVYI Data Center: this is

Easy and fast ecosystem setup. Ability to quickly add resources on request.

No need to buy infrastructure, licences and time for database administration. You get a database as a Service.

The entire infrastructure used to support the database is located in a secure Data Center space under round-the-clock surveillance.

As part of the Cloud, DBaaS provides a flexible, scalable, on-demand platform on a request that is focused on self-service and easy management.

Data Center system administrators administrate, maintain and process database requests.

We perform full backups of databases to the dedicated environment along with transaction logs.

A cloud-based approach to storing and managing structured data. This is one of the most popular technologies in the industry of information resource management. The essence of the DBaaS concept is that the user does not need to install and maintain a database, he just needs to make a request and receive a database on it. To create it, resources of a private, public or hybrid cloud are used.

Service components
Users receive the necessary information from information resources, collected according to the parameters of their request, and can work with it as with a regular database: save, edit, send to other users, merge with other databases, etc.

Functional capacities

DBaaS provides a flexible, scalable on request platform that is designed for self-service and easy management, particularly in terms of initializing your own business environment.

Monitoring capabilities

The Service is characterised by tracking the performance and resource consumption for its maintenance. This way, it warns users of possible problems. The products can also do simple data analysis.

Service capabilities

Data Center specialists monitor the platform’s operation, add updates and backup and restore databases if necessary.