PARKOVYI Data Center designed by Schneider Electric

The TIER III Design Certificate from the Uptime Institute. Business security and fault tolerance all environments

Continuous operation of the ecosystem.
Maintenance and updating of all systems without interrupting Data Center operation.

Own optical network. High-speed communication channels with high level of information availability.

Fully updated IT infrastructure. A-level equipment from Schneider Electric, Dell, Cisco.

VMware, Microsoft, Veeam solutions. Direct technical support and certified cloud services for SAP products.

Our services
Cloud services

Cloud services with rental of resources in Ukraine or European data centers, VMware by Broadcom, Microsoft, Veeam solutions with direct support.
Certified cloud for SAP products and information security management system according to ISO 27001:2022 and ISO 27701 certificates.

Equipment colocation

Reliable physical storage of server equipment, guaranteed by the TIER III Certificate from the Uptime Institute. The equipment from Schneider Electric, Dell, Cisco along with separate rooms that meet the requirements of the NBU and the CSIS. Certificates ISO 27001:2022, ISO 27701 and ISO 9001 for the management of information security and service quality.

The PARKOVYI Data Center is an official partner of Microsoft on the program SPLA. The clients of the Data Center have permanent access to Microsoft products with payment of licences only on the fact of their use.
We have the advanced status of VMware Cloud Verified, which allows us to provide the full and up-to-date range of IT infrastructure virtualization solutions for clients of the Data Center.
Our professional data protection services meet Veeam's qualified criteria.
The PARKOVYI Data Center is the only one of commercial data centers in Ukraine, which has a TIER III Certificate from the Uptime Institute. The Data Center was built in accordance with the project documentation based on the international standard TIA 942.
The PARKOVYI Data Center has received a Certificate of compliance with the CSIS (Comprehensive Information Protection System) of the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection.
We have joined Broadcom Advantage Partner Program with VCSP Premier Partner status. This will provide support to our customers and partners whose IT infrastructure and virtualization products are built on the basis of VMware
The Certificate ISO/IEC 27001:2022 confirms that our clients and employees work within an information security ecosystem that complies with international standards. The 2022 edition enhances resilience to cyber threats and improves the protection of personal data.
An additional enhancement to the information security of business processes and services at the PARKOVYI Data Center was achieved by obtaining the Certificate ISO/IEC 27701 international accreditation from IAF and IAS.
The Certificate ISO/IEC 9001:2015 defines requirements for the quality management system of providing data center services (server equipment hosting, cloud services, software as a service).
The PARKOVYI Data Center has successfully passed SAP certification and confirmed its compliance with the highest operational standards of the German company by obtaining the SAP Certified Provider of Cloud and Infrastructure Operations certificate.
The "PARKOVIY" data center successfully passed the examination and confirmed the compliance of the data center with the TIER III Facility reliability level according to the Uptime Institute classification, which meets the international standard ANSI/TIA-942.