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Cloud workstations unafraid of blackouts
2023-12-14 16:20:01

The PARKOVYI Data Center has created a Service that provides an uninterrupted working environment for employees during long power outages.

CDI (Cloud Desktop Infrastructure) is a Cloud workstations based on VMware Horizon. This solution will help organise stable remote work for employees using reliable components of the Data Center. The Infrastructure of the PARKOVYI Data Center received the TIER III Design Certificate from the Uptime Institute and designed to ensure uninterrupted operation in any circumstances.

This solution is so flexible that it is suitable for any business: from small teams, start-ups or small businesses with 5 employees to IT departments with 100 or more employees.

Service Options:

  1. Public CDI is a turnkey solution from 5 workstations, that will ensure a stable operation in the work environment for employees without any interruption.
  2. The Cloud Infrastructure for remote work does not depend on an external power supply and is reliably protected by the Data Center Infrastructure.
  3. Private CDI – Ready Infrastructure with personalised configuration for organisations or departments from 100 workstations. In addition to the general benefits of fault tolerance, the solution integration is tailored to the client’s specific infrastructure.

For more information on Service features and benefits, please, visit the CDI page.

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