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Secure and fast Cloud Infrastructure migration from MICROSOFT AZURE
2023-12-08 11:55:02

The PARKOVYI Data Center and Span Ukraine Company have announced the signing of a partnership Memorandum. As part of the agreement, the partners have agreed to focus on jointly supporting Ukrainian state and commercial enterprises in their development in the segment of the cloud technologies. The new model of cooperation between the market leaders will allow offering a unique package of integrated cloud services to the Ukrainian business and the state.

Are you planning to migrate your Cloud Services from Microsoft Azure to a Data Center in Ukraine, but don’t want to give up the unique Microsoft Cloud Services?

The PARKOVYI Data Center together with Microsoft certified partner Span Ukraine Company will ensure a quick migration of the client’s cloud capacities with the retention of the necessary Microsoft services and further support for their effective functioning.

Our offer covers not only the migration to the Ukrainian Data Center, but also provides support for the hybrid infrastructure. The infrastructure migration itself is free of charge. The operation and maintenance of the entire Cloud Infrastructure are provided centrally with the support of the technical teams of The PARKOVYI Data Center and Span Ukraine Company.

Together with Span Ukraine Company, we will provide services in four main directions: cloud migration, integration between two or more clouds, data backup and disaster recovery and also 24/7 technical support.

For consultation and get more information, please call +38 (044) 377-77-77 or leave your request to

The PARKOVYI Data Center is a Ukrainian Data Center designed and built by Schneider Electric. It is the only commercial data center in Ukraine that received the TIER III Certificate from the Uptime Institute, which complies with the international TIA 942 Standard. This allows us to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the client’s IT Infrastructure even during periods of continuous power outages.

Span is a global IT company headquartered in Croatia with offices in nine countries. For 30 years, Span has been building a strategic partnership with Microsoft to deliver.

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